ADDRESS OF THE NFR WESLING SCHOOL: Moscow. st. Skladochnaya, house 1, building 7, room 401.
Detailed information on training: 8 (903) 591 97 17. 

    There is a professional wrestling school under the Independent Wrestling Federation. Education and training are conducted in strict accordance with the methods adopted in all modern foreign wrestling schools.
    Our trainers are constantly improving the learning process. The experience gained over the entire long history of organizing our championships in Russia, gained during performances abroad, as well as from invited foreign professional wrestlers, is used.

    The school is within walking distance from the metro stations «Dmitrovskaya», «Savyolovskaya». For beginners, classes are held 2-3 times a week in a group of 10-15 people. The basic course, after which the majority of students are usually ready to enter the ring, is 12 months. Anyone can enter the school — there are no special requirements, but impressive physical data, good sports preparation and outstanding artistry are welcome. Psychological readiness for difficult and often painful training is also necessary, since behind the external lightness of what the wrestlers show in the ring, there is a long work that is not within the power of everyone.

    Graduates of the NFR school have the opportunity to take part in regular Championships held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia. You will be able to practice your wrestling skills, as well as show your talent in acting.

    The Independent Wrestling Federation has extensive experience of cooperation with organizations in other countries — over the past few years, NFR participants have successfully performed in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Nepal, India, Singapore, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Israel and many other countries. You will get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills against foreign fighters and see the world!

    All this will help you to do the NFR professional wrestling school. We look forward to welcoming all wrestling fans who want to make it a really important part of their lives.


    • SET STRICTLY FROM 18 YEARS OLD! Recruitment from other ages is not available.
    • A NEW SET PASSES 2-3 TIMES A YEAR. You should attend an introductory meeting before recruiting. It is not possible to join the current training group.
    • PASSPORT REQUIRED TO RECORD! No other documents are required.
    • TRAINING IS PAID. The cost of training is 3000 rubles per month. 
    • ONLY IN MOSCOW. Our school and training base is only in Moscow. In other cities, other organizations conduct training.
    • ALL RESLERS ARE PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED ATHLETES. Do not try to repeat wrestling techniques without special sports training!

    Background information on other Russian  cities. We have nothing to do with these organizations: