• Дата шоу: 6 Февраль 2021
  • Город: Москва
  • Адрес: Автозаводская ул., 18. ТРЦ «Ривьера», этаж 2
  • Место проведения: "Cyberspace"
  • Количество зрителей: 200
  • Ключевые слова:

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IWF «We will change wrestling 20/21»

  • “Against all” Konstantin LaPatka and Serge Sullivan defeated Alexander and Alex “CHP”, becoming the first contenders for the IWF Tag Team Titles.
  • Kylie Devin defeated Litana.
  • Samdi defeated Yaroslav Derzhavin, becoming the first contender for the IWF Heavyweight Championship.
  • Kolya Siply said a touching farewell speech, thanking everyone who helped him during his career. And then he took off the blindfold, and beat Roddy badly, who had come out to say goodbye to him.
  • Ramona defeated Mephisto in a special submission match. The final score in they series of matches becomes 2:1 in favor of Ramona, and she becoming the first contender for the IWF womens title.
  • Since Roddy was unable to competition, Dmitry Orlov issues an open challenge for the IWF Moscow title and defeated Vladimir Kulakov, who was distracted by the video of Alexei Khitrykh during the match.
  • Casey enter to match as Mikhail Nikitin’s manager. Ivan Markov Lokomotiv defended his IWF Heavyweight Championship from Mikhail Nikitin because of the betrayal of Casey, who became a new member of the “Okay” stable.
  • IWF would like to thanks the Cyberspace team for their help in running this show.
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НФР «МИР 20/21»